VE Day 1945 and 2020 in Skewen

The residents of Graham’s Terrace are shown celebrating VE Day in 1945.

Do you have any photographs of Skewen taken on May 8th, 1945?  If so, please share them with us so that they may be archived for future generations to look at and use for research.

If there are any celebrations in your street this year to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day, and it is safe to do so, please take some photos and send them to us.

Here are the first photographs we have received for VE Day in 2020 –  showing how the residents of Pant y Sais, Jersey Marine celebrated, and how Picton Terrace, Wern  and Winifred Roads  decorated their houses.  Do you have photographs to share?




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Mystery Photographs

The Society has a number of “mystery” photographs – photographs with little or no information about them.  It would help us if you would look at the photographs that will be posted in the coming weeks  and if you have any information about them please get in touch.  Keep scrolling down – new photographs are posted at the end every week.

Photograph 1:

Photograph 1: First name might be Howard and may be related to the  Thomas family, Highland Farm, Skewen.  Who is he

                      Photograph 2

Photograph 2: Skewen Ladies’ Choir – most names have now been supplied.









Photograph 3 :

Photograph 3: Dance at the Llandarcy Institute.  If you can name anyone – get in touch.  Some names have been supplied.


Photograph  4: Who is this little boy?  The shot was taken outside what became Knoyle’s Cafe and is now part of Zafran Indian restaurant.  Date would be c. 1900.











Photograph 5

We have now been able to establish that this is a group of poppy sellers, probably photographed in Evelyn Road.

Photograph 5  1. Lena Richards 2. ? 3. Glenys Rees 4. Morfydd Griffiths 5. Muriel ?








Photographs 6 and 6A:    Bill Bevan Cottages.  Who was Bill Bevan and where were these cottages located?

This mystery has been solved – thanks to Facebook followers. This is Rose Cottage part of the Gwernllwyncwyth House estate in Llansamlet.  At one time Bill Beavan lived here with his wife Phoebe.

Photograph 7:

Photograph 7: This is another unknown group.  What are they celebrating who are they?







Photograph 8:

This cottage has now been identified as Coed Saeson Cottage in Llansamlet.

Photograph 8






Photograph 9:

Photograph 9: Holiday group – who are numbers 7, 12, and 13?

Photograph 10:


Photograph 11:

Photograph 12:

Photograph 13: 

Photograph 13: Who are these young girls?  The photograph was taken in 1939


Photograph 14: Where / what is this building?


Photograph 15: Skewen Snooker Club.  We need names for numbers 1, 3, 4, 6 and 9


Photograph 16: Is this the Sully family, what are their names?



Photograph 17: can you provide the names for numbers 6 to 9?



Photograph 18: Unknown WW2 soldier – he may have served in the batteries at Jersey Marine.


PHOTOGRAPH 19: Old cinema group – which cinema, when and what was the occasion?



Photograph 20: Taillwyd Road viewed from Longford Road


Photograph 21: Who are these people and what was the event? The photograph was donated by Mrs Miriam Phillips (newsagent in White Gates).


Photograph 22: Looking for a Swimming Pool – Skewen Carnival 1938



Photograph 23: A Coedffranc Council group.  All have now been named apart from nos. 1 and 3.



Photograph 24: Retirement of G Jones (no. 4). no.6 Ben Jones no.7 R B Southall. Can you name nos. 1,2,3,5,8,and 9?


Photograph 25: Possibly a Llandarcy Institute outing in early 1950’s.  1 Mrs Annie Jenkins (agricultural stores), 7 Mrs Helen Donnie or Dobbie, Mrs Jones (Bradford House, St John’s Terrace), 33 Mrs Elsie James ( Dynevor Road). Who are the other ladies?



Photograph 26: Taken in the Llandarcy Institute – it appears to be a play.  Are you able to tell us more about the production. We have now been given the names of all but numbers 2 and 8 – can you help?


Photograph 27: Soup kitchen helpers in Bethlehem Road, 1926


Update:  We have now been provided with most of the names.

Photograph 28: The West Point Cadets, Caewathan 1960’s


Photograph 29: 1977 Jubilee street party. Number 3 – Bill Morgans number 5 Martin Thomas. Who are the other men?

PHOTOGRAPH 30:  We have now been supplied with all the names except that of the Salvation Army officer.  We still do not know the occasion.

Photograph 30: Who is the Salvation Army Officer? What was the event and date?


Photograph 31: Where was this photograph taken and what was the occasion?  4 is Jean Davies – who are the others?


Photograph 32: 1936 Coronation party in Evelyn Road. Who are numbers 3,9,14,16,17,18,21 and 22?


Well several names have now been given to us for this photograph, but not all, so if you do recognise someone please let us know.

Photograph 33: Skewen RFC 1951 – 52 Champions West Wales RU & winners of the President’s Cup – can you name anyone?


We have now been supplied with most of the names for this photograph, but not all, so help still needed.

Photograph 34: The committee for the Investiture of the Prince of Wales 1968/69


Photograph 35: Evelyn Road residents on a trip to Porthcawl c 1948 – who are numbers 5 to 8?


Photograph 36: Old Age choir group. Who are numbers 1,2, 3, 5 and 7?


Photograph 37: Skewen RFC team from the 1930’s – no. 2 is Tom Richards. Can you name anyone else?


Photograph 38: A garden fete organised by the local NIB committee c 1952.  We only have two names for this event so far – 1 and 3. Do you know anyone?


Photograph 39: Are these spectators at a cricket match on the BP Llandarcy sports ground?



We have now been given the names for all the men in the photograph.  Thank you.

Photograph 40:


Photograph 41: 1951 celebrations in Evelyn Road. Who can you name?


Photograph 42: Skewen Angling Club. Know anyone?


PHOTOGRAPH 43:  Skewen Pigeon Club – most names have now been supplied – but not all, so if you know anyone let us know.

Photograph 43: Is this the Skewen Pigeon Club and can you name anyone?


Photograph 44: What event was this and who are the children?


Photograph 45: 1925 Cardonnel tinplate works – can you name anyone?


Photograph 46:  Coedffranc 1965 girls’ class  – can you name anyone?   We have now been supplied with all the names – thank you.


Photograph 47: Do you know where these cottages are located?


Photograph 48: Coedffranc Councillors photographed with the tapestry showing the history of Skewen – a community project. We do not have all the names of these councillors and spouses. Was this taken at the time the tapestry was hung in the Carnegie?


Photograph 49: Are these Coedffranc Councillors of the late 1920’s? Can you name anyone?

PHOTOGRAPH 50:                                                                                                      

Photograph 50: Coedffranc Girls’ School percussion group. Can you name anyone please?


Photograph 51: A Scouts dinner. We have some names but not all.

PHOTOGRAPH 52:                                                           

Photograph 52: Coedffranc girls 1946/47. All names now supplied – thank you.


Photograph 53: Coedffranc staff c 1950’s All names now supplied – thank you.


Photograph 54: NOR (Later BP) cricket team early 1950’s. We have been supplied with names for all except number 1.


Photograph 55: Skewen Ladies’ Choir 1939 – can you name anyone?  So far only two names have been suggested.


Photograph 56: NOR (later BP) staff. Who can you name?


Photograph 57: What football team is this – can you name anyone?  We have had some names but still do not what team this is, nor the occasion.


Photograph 58: Skewen Songster Brigade 1932. We have just eleven names for this photograph.


Photograph 59: We just need names for numbers 12, 13 and 15 to complete this BP cricket team from 1953.


Photograph 60: An unknown group of ladies – connection to Llandarcy Institute? Who are they and what was the occasion?


Photograph 61: NOR (BP) Ladies hockey team. Those wearing a white shirt are from the London BP Office. Who are the local ladies?


PHOTOGRAPH 62:                                                                    

Photograph 62: Jersey Marine’s Carnival Queen of 1975. We have now been given their names.


Photograph 63: A group outside Hermon Chapel We now have all names except nos. 6 and 23.


Photograph 64: St John Ambulance dance – who are number 1 and 13?


Photograph 65: Deacons of Calfaria Chapel – who are they?


Photograph 66: The choir at St Mary’s c1947. Can you name anyone?

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Thursday night clapping for the NHS

Here are some photographs that were sent of the clapping on 9th April and 16th April.  Residents of Pant y Sais, Jersey Marine managed to combine the Thursday night clap with Easter bonnets on the 9th and balloons on the 16th.

Here they are on the April 23rd clapping photos and a resident on Hill Road, Neath Abbey has a novel way of thanking the NHS and care workers.

More photographs from Pant y Sais for Thursday, May 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th.





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Lockdown Skewen images

The society asked you to send in your photographs of Skewen in Lockdown and here are the results:-




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Award from Tesco

We are delighted to confirm that the Society has been awarded a £1000 grant under the Tesco ‘Bags of Help ’ community funding scheme. Many thanks to all those who contributed to this success by choosing to vote for Skewen & District Historical Society with their blue shopping tokens.

The award will be used for the benefit of members – more details to follow.

The Society would like to thank Tesco for its inclusion in the scheme.

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What’s at the back of your drawer/cupboard?

With many of us facing a long period at home, perhaps now is the time to sort through those little used drawers,  cupboards and boxes to see if you find anything of interest for local historians.  It may be a photograph, document, map etc. which you could  scan and send to us now, or if you don’t have the capability to do that, just put the item to one side and pass it to any member of the Society when it is safe to make contact.

If sending photographs, please add as much information as you can – date, names of people shown, location, event.

Many people have traced their family history – do you have an interesting story you would like to share – we can publish it in our newsletter “Hanes”.

So search those drawers and cupboards and see what you find.


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Library opens in the Carnegie Monday, 9th March

Having closed at the New Road location on February 22nd, the library finally reopened in the Carnegie Hall this morning, 9th March.

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Skewen Library closes on New Road

Skewen Library is moving from its present location on New Road to the Carnegie Hall on Evelyn Road.  Today, Saturday 22nd February,  was its last day at the New Road location.  Here are some photographs to mark the occasion:



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Replacement Memorial Tree Planted in Skewen Park

As part of its WW1 commemoration programme, the Society planted two Acer Rubrum October Glory trees in the Memorial Park on March 17th, 2017.  Unfortunately one of the trees was vandalised and died.  This month a replacement tree was planted which we hope will thrive.



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Report on WW2 History Day held on 7th September

The Society’s WW2 History Day held on Saturday, 7th September at the Carnegie Hall was a success with visitors coming from a wide area.  They brought with them many photographs relating to Skewen men who served in World War Two, documents and memorabilia.  Our reminiscence team was kept busy during the day and added many interesting accounts of Skewen in the war years to our archive.

If you were unable to attend and have photographs/reminiscences about Skewen and WW2 contact us and we will arrange to add your material to our archive on WW2.



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