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The Society meets at Ty Santes Fair, Villiers Road, Skewen.
(For Details see the Find Us Page)

The Society meets at 7.00pm on the forth Friday of every month (Except Bank Holidays).

Future Talks and Events

Date Details
Fri 26th Aug 2022Illustrated Talk
"Swansea Aviation Pioneers"
Mr John Ashley
Fri 23rd Sep 2022Talk
"The Origins of the Tinplate Industry"
Mr Peter Rees
Fri 28th Oct 2022Talk
"Welsh Myths & Legends"
Miss Debbie John
Fri 25th Nov 2022Social Evening
Fri 27th Jan 2023Illustrated Talk
"Brigadier Dr. J. Gwynne Morgan of Pontardawe"
Mr Alec Griffiths
Fri 24th Feb 2023Talk
"A Pembrokeshire Tale"
Mrs Lynda Bryant
Fri 24th Mar 2023Annual General Meeting

Previous Talks and Events

Some previous activities have included:

All events are cancelled until further notice

Annual Trip, To be announced

Talk, "It Was Not Marconi", Mr. Viv Phillips

Talk, "Life aboard the Mary Rose", Mr Phil Bowen

Talk, "The Life and Times of Dylan Thomas", Mr Jeff Phillips

Talk, "From Llangyndeyrn to Salt Lake City", Mr Glyn Griffiths

Trip, Highclere Castle, Newbury

Talk, "The Ghurkas and Nepal", Mr Mike Roberts

Event, Heritage and Family History Open Day

Talk, "Craig-y-Nos, up to 1920", Mr Len Ley

Talk, "Joyce Grenfell" - Part 2, Miss J Pitts

Talk, The Swing Bridge, Mr. Gerald Williams

Talk, Shakespeare and Stratford-upon-Avon, Mr. John Richards

Event, Glamorgan Family History Open Day, Waterfront Museum, 10am to 4pm

Trip, River Tawe Boat Trip

Talk, "The Bevin Boys", Mr. Derrick Warren

Talk, "Carisbroke Castle", Mr. Phil Bowen

Annual Trip, Forest of Dean and Tintern Abbey

Talk, "Brunel's Paddington" (Illustrated), Mr. Glyn Williams

Talk, "Welsh Nicknames", Mr. Brian Quick

President's Evening,

Vist, Theatr Na'Nog at Dylan Thomas Theatre

Talk, "Amy Dillwyn - From Her Diaries", Mrs. Debra John

Social Evening,

Talk, "The History of the Neath Borough Police Force" (Illustrated), Mr. Martyn Griffiths

Talk, "The Aberdulais Tinplate Works, History and Recent Dvelopments", Mr. Ray Savage and Mr. Roy Thomas

Annual General Meeting,

Visit, The National Woollen Mills of Wales

Talk, "Tower Clocks in the South Wales Area", Mr. David Mitchell

Talk, "Osborne House", Mr. Phil Bowen

Annual Trip, St. David's Cathedral - details to follow

Talk, "Oxwich Reserve", Mr. Gareth Dockery

Talk, "R.A.F. Aerodrome at Fairwood", Mr. Steve Jones

Event, Date to be confirmed

Talk, "Swansea Valley", Dr. Edith Evans

Social Evening,

Talk, "A Day in the Swansea Workhouse", Mr. B. Lewis

Talk, "St. Teilo's Church", Rev. Canon J.P.H. Walters

Annual General Meeting,

Talk, "Vernon and Dylan",, Mr. Gary Gregor

Visit, Tredegar House, Date to be confirmed

Talk, "Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffregette Movement in South Wales ", Mr. Huw Williams

Talk, "The Life and Times of Richard III",, Mrs. Hayley James

Visit, Caerleon

Event, President's Day: World War 1 Heritage Day

Talk, "An Edwardian Maid",, Miss. Deborah John

Talk, "500 Years of Trinity House",, Mr. Carl Richards and Mr. Anthony Hontoir

Event, Social Evening

Talk, "The Normans in Wales",, Mr. John Richards

Talk, "Old Skewen in Pictures",, Mr. John Bailey

Annual General Meeting,

Talk, "The Tudor Manor House, Neath Abbey", Mr. Bill Zajac

Talk, "The Bells of Santiago." Illustrated, Rev. Canon K. Evans

Talk, "The Swansea Debtor" A Victorian Lady in Swansea Castle's Debtor's Prison, Miss. D. John

Annual Trip, Llanerchaeron near Aberaeron

Talk, "Death of Kings and Queens", Mr. Huw Evans

Trip, Llanelli House

Talk, "Chinese Customs and Beliefs." Illustrated, Mr. Paul Richards

Talk, "World War One", Mr. Huw Williams

Social Evening,

Talk, "A Night in the Graveyard", Mr. M. Griffiths

Talk, "Games We Used to Play", Rev. Canon J.P.H. Walters

Annual General Meeting,

Talk, "A Childhood in Patagonia", Mrs. Elvira Mosleley

Talk, "World War One", Miss. Debbie John

Illustrated Talk, "The Role of Women in Medieval" Wales, Ms. Rhian Rees

Annual Trip, Visit to the Royal Mint in Llantristant

Talk, "Naval Battles Under Sail", Mr. Hugh Evans

Trip, Visit to Powys Castle

Illustrated Talk, "White Rock - 200 Years of the Copper Community", Mr. John Ashley

Illustrated Talk, "The Truth about Anna and the King of Siam", Mr. Paul Richards

Social Evening,

Talk, "Court Herbert", Mr. Martyn Griffiths

Illustrated Talk, "The Glove Trade", Mr. Ken Thomas

Annual General Meeting,

Talk, "The Merthyr Rising", Mr. Phil Knight

Talk, "A True Story and a Mystery", Mr. Martin Price

Illustrated Talk, "Richard Price", Mr. Paul Frame

Trip, Aberglasney Gardens

Illustrated Talk, "The Chapel Down in the Swansea Coal Mine", Mr. Paul Richards

Trip, To be arranged - details to follow

Talk, "John Nixon and the South Wales Coal Trade to France", Mr. Brian Davies

Talk, "A Victorian Christmas", Miss. Debbie John

Social Evening,

Illustrated Talk, "Neath in the 18th Century", Mr. Martyn Griffiths

Illustrated Talk, "Aneurin Bevan and the Road to the N.H.S.", Mr. Huw Pudner

Annual General Meeting,

Illustrated Talk, "Adelina Patti", Mr. Barry Davies

Illustrated Talk, "Dr. Joseph Parry, a Welshman of Note", Mr. Colin W. Jones

Illustrated Talk, "Nabobs in Wales", Mr. Paul Richards

Annual Trip, Tewkesbury Abbey and canal boat trip

Illustrated Talk, "The History and Treasures of Swansea Museum", Mr. Philip Treseder

Illustrated Talk, "The Vikings", Vice President John Richards

Talk, "Gower Dreaming - A Night Time Journey Through Gower", Miss. Debbie John

Social Evening, Details to follow

Illustrated Talk, "From Cadoxton to Carnage - the Coombe Tennant Boys in Two World Wars", Mr. Bernard Lewis

Illustrated Talk, "The Parishes and Parish Churches of the Lordship of Gower", Mr. Jeff Childs

Annual General Meeting,

Illustrated Talk, "Voices & Images of the South Wales Jewish Community", David Jacobs

Illustrated Talk, "Child Evacuation to Wales in World War 2", Peter Rees

Illustrated Talk, "Neath Abbey Iron Works", Bill Zajac

Annual Trip, St. Fagan's National Museum of History

Illustrated Talk, "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in Swansea", John Ashley

Trip, The National Botanical Gardens of Wales

Illustrated Talk, "Tareni Colliery", Clive Reed

Talk, "Ghostly Tales of Wales", Miss. Debbie John

Social Evening,

Illustrated Talk, "The Life and Times of Gerald of Wales", Colin Wheldon James

Illustrated Talk, "From Welsh Mam to Modern Woman", Non Thomas

Annual General Meeting,

Talk, Cancelled

Talk, Cancelled

Talk, Cancelled

Event, All events cancelled until further notice - please keep checking the website and Facebook for updates

Social Evening,

Talk, "Surnames", Mr John Richards

Illustrated Talk, "Friendly Societies of the Area", Mr David Michael

Annual General Meeting,

Illustrated Talk, "Finding History in Some Swansea Streets", Mr Gerald Gabb

Talk, "History on My Doorstep - Taillwyd", Mr Martyn Griffiths

Anniversary Tea Party, Celebrating the Society's 25th Anniversary

Talk, "King Richard III", Mr John Richards