Memorial trees planted in the park

 As part of its WW1 commemoration programme, the Society planted two Acer Rubrum October Glory trees in the Memorial Park on March 17th.   The Society’s President, Canon Dr. Brian Lodwick,  carried out the planting on behalf of the Society.  In attendance was Chairman of Coedffranc Community Council, Cllr. Harry Bebell and Mrs. Bebell.

When mature the trees will look like this :-


At the book launch of “Skewen & District: Our Village in World War 1” on May 7th in the Memorial Hall, members of the public will be able to remember the fallen servicemen by hanging a name on a Tree of Hope in the Hall.  These names will then be transferred to the acer trees for all to see after the launch.

The book launch will commence at 12.30 and proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards a more permanent WW1 memorial in the district.