Society Annual Visit: Highclere Castle

The Weather was not kind this year for the Society’s annual visit on 9th August. It was a dull day with frequent heavy showers, but they failed to spoil the event.

When we arrived there were several other coaches and many cars in the car park. Highclere is a relatively small house and the large number of visitors on the day did prove a problem, as entry to the house and Egyptian exhibition were not timed. Undaunted by crowds or weather, Society members made the best of the situation and found that in-between the showers the gardens were a delight, especially the secret garden and the wildflower meadow.

The interior of the house was no surprise to those who watch “Downton Abbey” on television, but it was a surprise to find that it was so “homely”, because the rooms were not on a vast scale, as is the case in so many of the larger stately homes. It was a house one felt you could live in today.

Sited in the basement area originally housing the kitchen and servants’ area, there were many items of great interest in the Egyptian Museum, mostly connected of course, with Lord Carnarvon’s discovery, with Howard Carter, of Tutankhamen’s tomb. Pity the crowds and the heat made it difficult to give one’s full appreciation to the artefacts.

So a very successful visit despite the weather and the crowds.